What are the best places to buy property in London?

It is a well-known fact that London’s real estate market experiences hard times nowadays due to a huge gap between people’s wages and prices on properties. Not many people can afford a house or even a flat despite the outburst of the new-build properties.

If you are in quest of a decent home, then look no further. We know the best places to buy property in London. Our website showcases a splendid range of properties for sale in every area of London.

Property market researchers suggest that the best area for the first-time buyers is the leafy Thirties suburb of Gidea Park. You may easily find a fine three-bedroom semi-detached house for about £400,000 or a modern two-up two-down bungalow for £325,000. One bedroom flat may cost you £220,000, while two bedroom flats will cost around £280,000. It is an entrancingly leafy area with a golf club and Raphael Park within a few minutes’ walk. However, it may seem too suburban to some people.

In spite of a deceptive location, Surbiton in Zone 6 offers extremely fast commuting, even faster than Zone 2. Therefore, a trip to Waterloo will take around 19 minutes. The diverse choice of properties from grand Victorian villas to contemporary semi-detached houses leaves a lot to your imagination. Exciting places to visit include Maple Road and Victorian Road, with fascinating boutiques and shops as well as a wide range of cafes, restaurants and bars. If you are on a budget, the best option for you may be a two bedroom flat starting at £375,000.

Thus, try searching further away from Central London – you may find even more wonderful options for any taste and budget.